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What is Medical iRehab?

Medical iRehab is dedicated to help educate patients about common sports medicines and orthopedic injuries. Medical providers can use the content of this website to help educate their patients and provide rehabilitation programs for them.

This site contains hundreds of exercises to choose from to create customised programs. If you cannot find a specific exercise or you have a favorite you want to add, submit it to the site. ‘We hope Medical iRehab is useful to you and helps you give your patients the quality of care they need.


Are you a physical therapist, doctor or an athletic trainer? MedicaliRehab is designed to allow you to create home exercise programs for your patients.  Using our large database of exercises, you can create customised programs for your patients.


You have been given a home exercise program by your medical provider. You may create a customised list by selecting only those exercises that have been prescribed by your provider


Common Injuries

Medical iRehab contains information on many common injuries.  Examples include plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff strains and tennis elbow.  The website provides an overview of these injuries including general information, assistance with pain control and a treatment approach.  This site contains detailed information on how to recover including range of motion, strengthening, stability and balance exercises.  Videos are provided that describe each exercise in detail to help promote proper form and technique.  We hope this site can help to educate your patients and help them recover from their injury.

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